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 Joules Logo

Established in Britain by Tom Joule nearly three decades ago, Joules is a true premium lifestyle brand with an authentic heritage.

Joules started selling clothing at rural shows and events in Leicestershire where the brand is still based today, so Tom had a deep-rooted understanding of his customer’s lifestyles and found it easy to capture their interests, attitudes, and opinions. He spotted an opportunity in the clothing market to design practical pieces that were both colorful and stylish.

Today Joules’ eye-catching, hand-drawn prints can be found adorning not only clothing, footwear, and accessories but also toiletries, eyewear, and yes, now in partnership with MYVQ even radios and other must-have tech products.

Since 1989 Joules has remained true to its British country heritage, whilst keeping in tune with what people want today. Unrivaled attention to detail coupled with a drive to provide something different where it’s least expected remains at the heart of everything Joules creates.


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